Asset Management

With eCMS, contractors can optimize the entire asset lifecycle and associated financials. Equipment Accounting and Equipment Maintenance applications manage all aspects of equipment, tools, trucks and machinery from acquisition, utilization, maintenance, depreciation, repair, safety, inspection and more.

Our integrated asset management applications compare and track all fixed assets along with their location, maintenance and cost recovery, create detailed charge rates by equipment class, equipment number, and job, and allocate shop overhead to equipment based on usage, repair hours or dollars. In addition, eCMS provides equipment data in various formats describing full location history, charge history, cost and revenue data for repairs and replacement decisions. Further, eCMS can help users gain control over hard-to-manage fleet maintenance costs and focuses on producing work orders that balance the requirements of the job with the needs of the equipment keeping in mind equipment, job constraints and mechanical resource availability.

All your asset management needs, including maintenance, risk management, capital planning, financial accounting and performance management, can be easily addressed with our integrated eCMS applications.

  • Equipment Maintenance
    —Automatic Equipment Charges
    —Equipment Charge Rates
    —Fixed Assets Management
    —Service Dispatch Integration
    —Equipment Accounting Analysis
    —GPS-based Telematics
  • Equipment Accounting
    —Repair and Labor Costs and History
    —Preventive, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance
    —Rolling Rates and Flexible Rate Assignment
    —Equipment Tracking
    —Billing Cut-off
    —Work Order Assignment/Dispatch Board

“We live and die by job costing. eCMS proactively manages labor, material and equipment overruns. eCMS has tremendously helped us with our equipment resale value and utilization management.“
John Clancy, MIS Director, Cold Spring Construction