Content Management

True content management applications ensure ongoing interconnectivity between your field and office, making the collection, modification, dissemination and storage of mission-critical documents quick-and-easy tasks during your daily operations. By reducing paperwork, duplicated data entry and associated errors, you can enjoy increased cost savings and improved efficiency.

The eCMS Data Capture and Imaging Upload applications capture single or large volume documents from digital, print (OCR) and handwritten (ICR) sources with the ability to recognize documents based on its “fingerprint” (OMR). It also enables the automated assignment of categories and sub-categories, completion of indexes and coding tables, and the import of configured data points into the eCMS database. Processes verify and associate large volumes of documents and archive them with comprehensive indexing and categorization configurations which is another benefit of this application.

eCMS includes a Content Management application that allows for the scanning and capture of printed documents and their association to records in other applications. This powerful and secure content or document management application allows for document check-in and check-out with full revision history and published and unpublished versions. As a result, altered content is not visible until authorized, and detailed history can identify who has read which revision of a document and when. In addition, the application allows the creation of documents from context sensitive user-defined templates. Content created this way will be placed in the correct folder automatically ensuring consistent filing of documents in the eCMS system. Our Content Management application works with any type of document, file and image, including BIM content.

Along with document management solutions, the eCMS Workflow application is a timesaving solution for your entire company as it defines the business process where documents or information follow a specific processing route. The paper trail that currently streams through most companies represents a manual workflow process, which can be automated using the Workflow application. An electronic (imaged) document travels via your company’s computer network to any one person, group of individuals or departments as determined by your organization’s policies, eliminating document cycle breakdown. With Archival, important documents can be indexed and retrieved on demand in support of an audit or any documentation need.

Workflow and Alerts expedite business processes bringing unprecedented value to operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, auditing and financial performance.

“Employees have welcomed the change and we will never go back to the labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes of the past. We estimate a minimum of 20-25% productivity gains for the business process of AP invoice approval and processing and an estimated cost savings of over $50,000 annually.“
Jared K. Miedema, Senior Engineer and Manager of IT, Wake Stone Corporation