Email Archiving

Email is the most popular communication tool in business and contains your critical company data. Email is used to share business-critical content with file attachments where the information is confidential or irreplaceable. As such, it is vital to ensure this company data, including attachments, is stored safely and securely.

Working as an integrated part of your Email infrastructure the eCMS Email Archiving and Searching application provides an integrated and secure solution for the capture, sharing, archiving and searching of Emails and Email attachments. Emails are captured in an automated process that requires no user intervention. The information is then available to anyone with the right login credentials for recall at any time.

Email can be classified and attached to projects or related contact records automatically. Responses to Emails issued from the Contact Management applications are automatically linked to the original Email. This allows the complete history of correspondence with a contact on a project to be maintained.

  • User-defined filters and archiving structure decides which emails and attachments are held and archived per various rules
  • Email ownership is moved from individual to company
  • Emails and attachments are stored in a highly secure file structure with user-defined roles for accessibility
  • Key elements of the email files are stored in database tables to allow easy searching and retrieval
  • Email is integrated throughout eCMS and all supporting applications for additional benefits