Financial Management & Accounting

Representing the de-facto standard in financial application suites for the construction industry, eCMS blends flexibility, dependability and superior performance. The eCMS browser-based interface allows for maximum accessibility of mission-critical information to those who need it, regardless of location. Real-time information, combined with core financial applications, advanced business intelligence and analytics, innovative content management, unparalleled mobile capability and integrated productivity tools, means your business can reduce costs by streamlining complex operations. The functionality and evolution of the eCMS application suite has developed by listening to the needs of our customers and continually striving to exceed their expectations. We have aggressively sought the counsel of leading construction companies in the North America for input on improving business processes. The direct result of that collaboration is eCMS. Industry leaders provide insight as to how our solutions can grow to meet the dynamic needs of the construction industry. Our goal is to know the desires of today's construction companies, surpass those objectives, and provide you with a technological advantage over your competition.

Our feature-rich financial management applications also allow you to take on any job regardless of size, location or type, including multi-company, multi-division and multi-department accounting as well as the management of union and non-union payroll and federal or private reporting requirements.

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are more than just paying your bills and managing collectibles. These applications manage vendor terms, contracts and subcontracts, outstanding credit, cash flow, EFT and payment card processing, and customer relationships while allowing you to analyze trends and forecast expenses and revenues.
  • General Ledger and Cost Accounting features provide the framework to analyze profitability and report performance, leveraging your choice of accounting methods while meeting compliancy and regulatory requirements. Our core accounting applications also address multi-currency transactions, online WIP reporting and different revenue recognition processes.
  • Material Requisition and Purchasing provide complete control over material orders, delivery, committed costs, inventory items and real-time inventory management.
  • Time and Material Billing eliminate the clerical time required to compile billable costs, extend invoice amounts, and process invoices as all costs posted to a job are automatically billed and processed.

“With our exponential growth, challenges have surfaced which we had to address quickly and for the long term. After review of our current processes, we easily concluded that our enterprise-wide payroll processes must be improved to eliminate payroll errors, reduce payroll paperwork and eradicate all manual processes associated with the entry, processing and distribution of payroll. We have solved all of our challenges with eCMS v.4.1 and have established a strong foundation for future growth.“
Dean Doige, CIO, Clark Builders - a Turner Construction Company