Human Resources

The construction human resources pool is quite diverse. A labor force can be comprised of union and non-union workers, and is often made up of employees as well as contracted labor.

The number of employees fluctuates per current and forecasted project backlog, and there are certifications, compliance and specialized skills that need to be administered or adhered to in order to bid and deliver projects. Ever-changing laws, regulations and the Healthcare Reform Act/ACA demand more administration and reporting. Without leveraging technology solutions to automate documentation, tracking and reporting, all aspects of human capital management can be a difficult task to accomplish.

For HCM (Human Capital Management), eCMS Human Resources and Employee Self Service applications offer contractors an all-encompassing set of human resources information, tools and business processes to effectively and efficiently manage their human capital and labor. Pertinent information for current and past employees, contract workers, and applicants is entered and kept in the eCMS database and is shared with authorized management and accounting personnel. Integrated workflows simplify and streamline all HR and payroll processes for improved productivity across departments and the company’s mobile workforce.

  • Human Resources
    — Builds on eCMS functionality to include fundamental HR management capabilities
    — Captures personnel data regarding contact information, benefits and safety

  • Human Resources Self Service
    — Provides office-based and remote employees with direct access to HR data
    — Enables employees to proactively update and manage their personnel, time entry and expense reporting information

“Without eCMS financial, human resources and payroll applications, it would have been exceedingly difficult to track and report resource allocation and utilization without hiring additional manpower dedicated to the task. The accuracy of the information was equally important and without an integrated financial and human resources solution, specific contract requirements would not have been easy to meet.“
Lori Fernette, Accounting Manager, Clark Construction Co.