For labor-intensive organizations, payroll can be one of the most challenging activities to accomplish accurately, timely and consistently. It is proven by running hundreds of North America’s largest and most complex union and non-union construction payrolls that eCMS reduces administrative costs to capture, manage, process and report labor costs and associated payroll processes. eCMS has been recognized year after year for its ability to process some of the largest and most complex payrolls with the highest accuracy, security and consistency within the construction industry.

The size of a construction company’s payroll can change job to job or month to month, and its ERP solution must accommodate for these business needs with a flexible and scalable application set. Companies that leverage eCMS for their payroll needs quickly realize that eCMS drastically reduces overhead costs by improving and automating business processes. eCMS eliminates payroll errors, reduces payroll paperwork and eradicates all manual processes associated with the capture, entry, processing and distribution of payroll.

Integrated with our Employee Self Service application, eCMS empowers employees to maintain payroll information and view their pay slips. All human resources and payroll functions are unified for cohesive reporting, cost management and on-going administration.

  • Multi-state, Multi-location, and Multidepartment Payroll
  • Union, Non-union and Multi-union Payroll
  • US and Canadian Payroll Processing
  • Full Prevailing Wage Support (integration with LCPTracker and eMars)
  • Compliant EEO, Davis-Bacon and Worker’s Compensation Reporting and Processing
  • Fully ACA Compliant
  • Labor Cost Reporting
  • Benefit, Deduction & Liabilities Management
  • Reciprocity for Taxes and Unions
  • Earnings Code
  • Leave Accumulation & Usage
  • 2017 Arizona and California Sick Leave Tracking, Reporting & Processing
  • Comprehensive Garnishments & Child Support Functionality

“I would have to hire an entire additional workforce to maintain and manage the things that eCMS Job Costing and Payroll applications have automated for us. Our life is simpler with eCMS thanks to its rock-solid reliability and unlimited flexibility. Regardless of the size of the job or how fast the required turnaround, eCMS ERP scales accordingly yet delivers the same consistency and efficiency that we have come to expect and appreciate.“
Darlene McCabe, Accounting Manager, Rudolph Libbe Companies, Inc.