Project Costing

One of the most critical functions of a construction ERP solution is to capture, track, manage, invoice and reconcile costs. With eCMS you can capture costs at defined intervals to identify potential cost variance and track these job costs on a regular basis throughout the life of a project. It also allows users to view up-to-date information on the current cost status, related to each job, at any point in time. You can calculate estimated cost at completion (ECAC) using actual, projected, or estimated numbers to account for a variety of scenarios. The Job Cost Inquiry allows users to view online costs and income for a job, at varying levels of detail (labor hours, labor dollars, material, equipment, subcontract, overhead, etc.) with the ability to drill down to the transaction level.

  • Job Costing
    —Project/Job Cost Inquiries Reporting
    —Percent Complete Financial Reporting
    —WIP Reporting
    —Estimating History/Job Costing
    —Project Management Reports
    —Field Forecasting
    —Overhead Allocation
    —Change Order Processing
    —Unit Cost Analysis
    —Production Quantity Tracking and Reporting
    —Automatic Update to Unit Price Contract
  • Job Inquiry
    —Budgeted Dollars
    —Gross Profit
    —Budgeted Quantity
    —Budgeted Hours
    —Actual To Date
    —Over/Under Budget
    —Estimated to/at Completion (hours, dollars, or quantities)
    —Link to Supporting Document Images
    —Access to all supporting Emails
    —Easy-to-use Job Inquiry Views, Reports and Dashboards

“The accuracy of project costs is paramount for our construction business. eCMS has been rock solid in improving our management of remote workers and the quality of communication between the field and home office.“
Ryan van Meter, Director of Finance & Risk Management, Herzog Companies, Inc.