Workflow & Alerts

In today’s intense regulatory and complex, interconnected business world, companies need to establish, standardize and customize business processes that can be repeatable, meet the regulatory and business demands and can be enhanced on demand. Workflow enables the design and execution of business process workflows regardless of business function. The Workflow application documents the established business processes and routing with task listings and visual diagrams for ongoing auditing and review purposes. Alerts further enhance this functionality by notifying users of specific conditions and events as they occur. You can enable or disable alerts, change thresholds for alerts, and you can configure emails to be sent automatically so users receive immediate notification if a critical event occurs.

Workflow and Alerts expedite business processes bringing unprecedented value to operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, auditing and financial performance.

  • Process-specific Views
  • Pre-defined Task Groups
  • Automatic Notification
  • Individual or Group Notifications
  • Process Diagrams
  • Notification Diagrams
  • Email Integration

“We cannot underestimate the direct benefits that our employees have gained in their daily activities and overall job satisfaction as a result of eCMS. Our accounting team is no longer interrupted from operations for payment, job cost, receivables status and detail information and this applies to our project management team as well. Our executives now have information about overall company and specific job details. Critical business processes are integrated into our daily workflows and key personnel is alerted per pre-established rules for proactive decision-making and greater efficiency.“
Mark Smith, CFO, TN Ward Company